Sign On for Climate Action

This Earth Day, April 22nd, world leaders will gather in New York to sign the Paris Climate Agreement. The agreement was created in December of 2015 during the United Nations Climate Negotiations to limit human caused climate change.

As nations come together, we want you to raise the #ClimateSign to unite with others as a global community to show support for action & to keep our leaders accountable.

Learn more about the Paris Climate Agreement

Sign On

ClimateSign Paris

Sign On

By raising the climate sign in unison, we're advocating for people and the planet.
Follow the steps below to take action and sign on with your #ClimateSign.

Raise The Climate Sign

Raise either hand and form a "C" shape. The sign shows unity for taking on climate change.

Snap A Photo

Smile! You are joining with the global community to support climate action.

Post With #ClimateSign

Post your photo to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr with the #climatesign.

It's easy to post. Simply click the social media outlet of your choice and login.

Suggested Posts

This #EarthDay I am uniting for #climateaction. @UNFCCC #ParisAgreement #climatesign

I will hold my country accountable to #ActOnClimate by signing the #ParisAgreement. #climatesign​

Raise the #climatesign for #climateaction. @UNFCCC #ParisAgreement

Live Feed

See who else has submitted their photo and has signed on for climate action. 

We Care About Climate at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona!

SIGN ON FOR CLIMATE ACTION! #climatesign #ParisAgreement

【gesture a C】 今年的地球日四月二十二日是UNFCCC締約方在紐約簽署巴黎協議 (Paris Agreement)的日子,ClimateSign發起網路串連活動, 邀請大家: 1. 舉起任一隻手、比個C 2. 拍照、上傳 3.

SIGN ON FOR CLIMATE ACTION! #climatesign #ParisAgreement #youth4climate

@algore raising the #ClimateSign to support action on climate! You can too! @ClimateReality

This is a test. SIGN ON FOR CLIMATE ACTION! #climatesign #ParisAgreement

SIGN ON FOR CLIMATE ACTION! #climatesign #ParisAgreement

SIGN ON FOR CLIMATE ACTION! #climatesign #ParisAgreement

SIGN ON FOR CLIMATE ACTION! #climatesign #ParisAgreement


Take Action

Now that you have signed on for climate action, what can you do?

Educate Yourself!

Learn More About Climate Science from Climate Central

Decide the Issue You Want To Work On!

Identify Impacts of Climate Change Important to You from The Nature Conservancy

Learn More About That Issue!

Get More Specific Information About What You Are Concerned About from

Get Trained to Take Action!

Learning Best Practices Can Help You Create Change.

Take Action!

Make your HomeLife and Workplace Climate Friendly